March 10

Firewood and a really nice walk

Following the Epiphany stars in Crone, Lembrato and Treviso Bresciano.
Roof timbers and changing a pay as you go telephone plan

Some time past I went to visit some friends and, in passing, went to order some firewood. After a lengthy chat with the man of wood, and a good look around his yard and pallets of wood plus a chat about price, we settled on a delivery date of last Sunday. In order to receive the load of logs we stayed in and mooched about, put the car out and waited. No log show!! I wondered if the logs might come today, today being a Sunday after all. Again, no logs. Ah well!! My mistake I gave him my number, I should have asked for his.

Instead of brooding on the log deficiency I went for a walk over the old Sentiero dei morti. Today was a solitary walk as Janet was feeling seedy and wanted to stay near to the safety of the house and its facilities.

[map style=”width:450px; height:500px” gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/2013-03-10_Via Dei Morti.gpx”]

This part of Italy is real border country. We are on the old border with Austro-Hungary. A short journey to Lake Garda brings us to the Veneto too.

Echoes of the past are everywhere here.


Approaching the footpath one passes the old dogana, customs post, now a rather grand building with nice apartments. Where the battle of Ponte Caffaro was fought by the Garibaldini.


Flowers on the banks of the path give a real feeling of Spring.


To be honest I’m not too sure about the next two plants.


Nor this one, I must get a proper flora and study it.


The blighters are everywhere so I suppose that they are very common.

Having walked on this path quite a few times over the years it was a surprise to see the evidence of path widening.


This will obviously encourage more people to use the path,although the rumour is that it might be part of a cycle path. Some of my best chums are recreational cyclists and, although I am certain that none of them would silently come from nowhere at great speed to interrupt my tranquility as I contemplate the wonders of nature, I still feel somewhat apprehensive.


Blimey! It goes on for ever. They are serious about this, I think.

The path passes above the cemetery. As I passed I could see the grave of a friend and noticed that his flowers had blown over in the recent heavy rains. It was a pleasure to pop in and set them straight once again.

Passing the lakeend the kiosks selling wine were open today, not too many customers. It was a delight to have a chat to friends as they too enjoyed a Sunday afternoon stroll.

I have loads of lake photos but I don’t care, here’s another.


When out on a Sunday afternoon you can’t beat a good old gossip. The group in the distance are having a good look at the new bridge which will replace the rickety old one which was removed for the sake of safety, although I have seen the postman riding over it on his moped. The old bridge was not that old but it was made of wood which rotted very quickly. The new one is made of steel but not yet open.


Strolling up the river one passes the factories, not very beautiful but vitally important for the local economy. This is also where the wooden trailers rest after carnival.


An enjoyable Spring walk certainly generates a thirst. Perhaps a glass of pinot grigio before supper??

Following the Epiphany stars in Crone, Lembrato and Treviso Bresciano.
Roof timbers and changing a pay as you go telephone plan

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