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Day 130 Brunate to Erba

mike/ August 12, 2012/ Strolling in Italy/ 4 comments

Today was a terrific day out on the hill.The weather was just about perfect and there were just one or two steepish bits.As nothing went wrong, and everything was wonderful today, it is difficult to find anything to drone on about this evening. We left from Brunate,  a real hill top community with lots of community events going on.  

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Day 131 Finding maps

mike/ August 13, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Italy/ 4 comments

In order to complete the last leg of this epic journey we set off this morning to find maps. We found a book shop but no map which we needed. We found a sports shop and had the same story. Another book shop turned up but ts was closed until September. The oddity here is that the map we wanted

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Day 132 Erba to Lecco

mike/ August 15, 2012/ Strolling in Italy/ 4 comments

I am feverishly trying to remember what happened yesterday as, due to the blog server failing, I couldn’t write it up before it diminished over the horizon of my fevered brain. At the moment the means by which I add stuff to the blog is running no faster than a snail so what I do remember gets lost before the

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Day 133 Bergamo

mike/ August 15, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Italy/ 5 comments

As it is Ferragosto we decided to have a day or two off ourselves. We still need one vital map in order to complete the picture of strolls so came to Bergamo to find it. We shall not be strolling through Bergamo so it is a real break from the daily round. We got onto the bus and settled in. An

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Day 134 Bergamo

mike/ August 16, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Italy/ 4 comments

Last night I managed to overcome Spotify’s reluctance to permit Italian access to its contents. This small victory has given me  lot of pleasure, both from a nerdy delight in foiling a silly rule but, more importantly I can listen to some music once again. Should anyone wish to know how it is done, let me know The day started with

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Day 135 Lecco to Carenno

mike/ August 17, 2012/ Strolling in Italy/ 0 comments

The great stroll continued today after a few days of semi rest. As we were only intending to have a short stroll of about 10 miles today we didn’t start particularly early. The morning was cloudy with mist hanging over the mountains. The temperature was somewhere near 25C but not too hot to handle. We set off down the lake

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