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The Swiss section of our stroll to Italy

Day 105 Basel

mike/ July 18, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Switzerland/ 9 comments

Today has been a day of rest and recuperation. We have lazed about shamelessly and have enjoyed the experience  We have strolled about Basel a bit and now have a reasonable idea of its layout. A city with a stonking great river running through the place helps quite  bit with geography. Tomorrow we must collect together the bits and pieces

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Day 106 Basel

mike/ July 19, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Switzerland/ 7 comments

I won’t include a description, and pictures, of our wanderings about Basel in the guise of tourists today, only the stuff from the perspective of the long distance stroller. Stuff about Basel can be found all over the internet is a good place to start though. As the French days and weeks went by we felt increasingly at home in France.

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Day 107 Basel

mike/ July 20, 2012/ Days of rest, Strolling in Switzerland/ 3 comments

Today is the last lazy day before we head out towards Luzern. I may have already mentioned the difficulties finding British/French to Swiss electrical plugs and today proved to be as fruitless as yesterday. We were advised to visit a particular sell everything shop as this would be where they could be found. As we strolled towards this emporium we

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Day 108 Basel to Sissach

mike/ July 21, 2012/ Strolling in Switzerland/ 1 comments

The sky looked rather threatening as we set out this morning. In fact the sky dropped  a dollop or two of water onto our unprotected heads as we strolled past some impressive banking premises. We pretended that nothing was happening and chuckled at this feeble attempt at putting us off  our intention of going for a stroll. After a minute

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Day 109 Sissach to Olten

mike/ July 22, 2012/ Strolling in Switzerland/ 5 comments

Before we set out this morning I wondered if we would rise above the 3,000 ft marker. There was a place on the map which, had we gone that way, would have done the trick.   Perfect strolling weather today, a little sun, a light breeze and a few clouds overhead. We passed a garden in which some lucky person

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Day 111 Olten to Sursee

mike/ July 24, 2012/ Strolling in Switzerland/ 4 comments

Before settling down to write this stuff I poured myself a cold beer as a refreshment after 12 or so hours in the hot sun. I managed to pour some of the stuff into my trainers so that will increase the interest flies have for me tomorrow. After a day of inaction yesterday it felt great to be on the

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Day 112 Sursee to Luzern

mike/ July 25, 2012/ Strolling in Switzerland/ 10 comments

In order to get a good start this morning we set our alarm clocks to trill at 6:30 am (5:30 am GB). Neither of us heard the alarms go off because a gully emptying lorry was hard at work emptying gullies outside our bedroom window. The window was left wide open in order to let in a tepid stream of

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Day 113 Luzern to Buochs

mike/ July 27, 2012/ Strolling in Switzerland/ 4 comments

Despite a lateish night last night we set the alarms for 6:30 am again this morning. Our slumbers were undisturbed and we arose refreshed. The lake at Luzern needed to be overcome in some way, north or south. The route to the north is quite long and involved. The route to the south is  shorter and more interesting. So this

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