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The French section of our stroll

Day 50 Calais to Ardres

mike/ May 24, 2012/ Strolling in France/ 4 comments

Tonight’s effort is going to be a somewhat abridged affair as I’m still trying to sort out the technical problems, although I think that yesterday and today now have maps. Last night as it was fairly warm we had the window of our bedroom open. At about 9:00 pm some bloke outside tapped on the window and made some unintellible noises.

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Day 52 Bonningues-les-Ardres to Wisques

mike/ May 28, 2012/ Strolling in France/ 0 comments

Despite everything I said about not calling on the priest for a bed for the night we slept on the 27th May as guests of the monks at the Benedictine Abbey at Wisques. The French long public holiday this weekend appeared to be leading us on an inexorable road to a one short in the bed for the night department. The internet failed us completely

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Day 53 Wisques to Aire-sur-la-Lys

mike/ May 28, 2012/ Strolling in France/ 8 comments

We arose in our monastic simplicity this morning and went down to breakfast at the Abbey. The rules of the order suggest that guests might care to eat breakfast in silence. We ate in silence, quite a  challenge for us. After packing our rucksacks ready for the road once more we wandered about the abbey looking for father hospitaler in

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Day 56 Lillers to Bruay-la-Buissière

mike/ May 30, 2012/ Strolling in France/ 5 comments

As we were eating our breakfasts this morning I asked our host casually about the chateau. He said that his great grandfather had bought the chateau but that its claim to fame was when it had been the HQ for the British in 1915 where the plans were laid for the battle of Loos. I suspect that we will be reminded of past conflicts on

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