May 28

Day 52 Bonningues-les-Ardres to Wisques

Day 51 Ardres to Bonningues-les-Ardres
Day 53 Wisques to Aire-sur-la-Lys

Despite everything I said about not calling on the priest for a bed for the night we slept on the 27th May as guests of the monks at the Benedictine Abbey at Wisques.

In a monastery garden

The French long public holiday this weekend appeared to be leading us on an inexorable road to a one short in the bed for the night department. The internet failed us completely but our very kind host, Sylvie, rang the Benedictine Abbey at Wisques and organised a bed for us,


After having bade a fond farewell to our hosts at Le Manoir we set off to find the trail for today. At first it meant a stroll down a quiet country road before getting onto a true footpath once more. Not all of the footpaths marked on the map exist but the majority do and are marked so we could stroll at will.


A roof, somewhere in France.

Today has been truly glorious for strolling, the sun has continued to shine and a cooling breeze has kept us company when we needed it the most.


IMG_0003leafy lane
A shady lane

We aimed for Quercamps first, a small village where we were hoping to find a bar or a bakery for a lunchtime break. We found the bar immediately and went in. After getting a beer we asked if it was possible to have some lunch. The madame said that unfortunately this was not possible. In desperation we asked if she had any packets of crisps as by this time we were each thinking that biting a lump out of the other’s leg was a distinct possibility as a reasonable means of refreshment. Our difficulties increased when we tried to describe a packet of crisps, something made out of potato, something thin, something fried? We found a crisp packet in one of our rucksacks as a demonstration model and now we know the word for crisps in French. We had a bit of a chat with the people in the bar and suddenly madame appeared from the backroom with a plateful of pate sandwiches, delicious.  This was later followed by ice cream and tea and coffee.


A bar, waiting for the sandwiches

Janet became friends with Patricia who introduced us to everyone and madame became Georgette.


Janet and Patricia

We eventually decided that we should move on and succeeded in finding the path to Wisques and to the Abbey. We were welcomed by the hospitaler and shown to our room. The Abbey is very beautiful and we discovered that there were two other people in retreat.

We ate a good, simple, supper together and, using a mix of French and English, each told our life stories and how we came to be here in the Abbey on this day.

Day 53 brings a challenge, no map.


Day 51 Ardres to Bonningues-les-Ardres
Day 53 Wisques to Aire-sur-la-Lys

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