August 21

Day 139 Selvino to Vertova

Day 138 Sedrina to Selvino
Day 140 Vertova to Sovere

Today has been a truly wonderful day in the hills. We needed to do quite a lot of navigation today. I don’t know how we will cope when we know where we are every day and how to get to places without a map and a bearing.

Our starting point of Selvino is quite a tourist honeypot  and we were quite surprised by the hordes of people wandering about. Before setting out on the stroll we needed some essential supplies, brioches and sun cream. Finding a farmacia for the sun cream was more difficult than we thought that it would be as they are usually on every corner. Clutching our defence against the devouring sun we set out to find a baker. The first baker had a long queue waiting so we moved to the next, same story so nothing for it but to join the queue.

Rather than trying to describe the day I have attempted to add a photo gallery of the day. It is a shame that it is impossible to record, in a photo, the smells of the aromatic plants which come to us in the warm breezes, we shall have to do all this again when we forget.

The profile of the route shows a continuous down, down, down and it is more tricky than you might think to be going downwards for ages.

We have a long and hot stroll organised for tomorrow. With the assistance of an insistent, persistent alarm clock we shall rise early and try to beat the sun to the punch

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Day 138 Sedrina to Selvino
Day 140 Vertova to Sovere

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  1. By Sarah Kirsten on

    Beautiful pictures, but that does look like an awful lot of down, down, down!

  2. By Nick, Jennifer, Izzy, Maddie, Alec and Mabel on

    We are SO impressed with your stamina, and the wonderful photos….

    Love to you both,

    Nick, Jennifer et al

    1. By Janet May on

      Somehow, stamina has just come along. We have found it really good to do. But do you remember two poor things at Richard and Kate’s wedding last October (you and me, Nick) unable to join in with the walking?


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