October 19

Internet and the front page of the Giornale di Brescia

Val di Fumo
Gaver and the opening of the new bank building Bagolino

I had a phone call today from the people who are to supply our internet and fixed line telephone. They told me that the antenna was ready and to come into the office next week. I, very foolishly as it turns out, thought that the fitting of the antenna on our apartment roof was included in the deal. So, next week I shall collect the antenna and hope that it is small enough to go on the balcony as I have no harness for roof work. In addition I shall borrow a hammer drill with a very long masonry drill in order to get the cable through the wall. I need to ask better questions.

Who would have believed it? We have not only made the front page of the Shropshire Star but also the front page of the Giornale di Brescia today.



To add to this excitement there is a free lecture at the bank tonight about the Great Fire of Bagolino, followed by a late night DJ in the bar adjacent to our flat.

Val di Fumo
Gaver and the opening of the new bank building Bagolino

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  1. By Sue Jells on

    I await with interest the tale of the great fire of Bagolino

  2. By royce mitchell on

    Hello Superstars! Thank you for the website link “Giornali di Brescia” for the article. Not being an Italian speaker, I resorted to a quick alternative to the Italian dictionary, namely, the “Translate to English” button above the article.
    It’s a humdinger of a translation!
    Hope you enjoy the lecture and DJ this evening. 😀 Royce xx

  3. By mike (Post author) on

    Hi Royce, Google translate does make one’s jaw drop from time to time.


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