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Central heating vocabulary

A circular walk starting at Brione
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For some time, years if I am honest, we have suffered an intermittent leak from our gas central heating boiler here in Italy. We would put something down on the top of the washing machine and find that it was soaking wet. On the very few occasions when a competent plumber has been in the house the pesky thing has been completely dry. Finally we must face up to the inescapable fact that the leak is no longer intermittent, it is permanent. A plastic bowl sits underneath the boiler and catches about a litre of water during a period of 24 hrs. The hot water and heating work perfectly during the day and, as we have heating and hot water, you might take the view that we could ignore the leak.

Now to the point of this post, how does one describe, to an Italian plumber, the events of the past years and the current situation?

Central heating boiler – caldaia
Expansion vessel – Vaso d’espansione
Repressurise – caricamento
Water leak – perdita d’acqua
Loss of water pressure – perdita di pressione dell’acqua

I have left a message on the plumber’s answering machine so I shall find out if this vocabulary has worked.

A circular walk starting at Brione
Council tax

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