April 11

Day 7 Orleton to Leominster

Day 6 Abcott to Orleton
Day 8 Leominster to Docklow

I am uploading the daily trail to a page called Progress Map, not sure if it is working properly.

We attempted to follow the Herefordshire Way today. It has been quite an eye opener for me to see how poorly maintained this route has become. Many of the stiles are in disrepair and the route markers have either fallen off or are difficult to read. We felt that some of the land over which we were walking was owned by people who found the whole idea of the path distasteful and were making it as difficult as possible for walkers. I suppose that we should be pleased that our powers of navigation were tested and that we eventually triumphed.





IMG_0004 11-4-12

IMG_0006 11-4-12



A mighty hail storm overtook us as we approached Leominster with stones like lead shot clacking into my pale and pasty legs. Luckily, there was a wood yard with a shed into which we could scuttle for shelter.

Both Janet and I like railways so criss crossing over the track, legally, was quite a treat as we approached Leominster.

I have been quite surprised by the grandeur of the priory and its environs. I had always had a jaundiced view of the town which I must now revise. I got up for a moment at about three this morning and the clock sounded marvelous.

Day 6 Abcott to Orleton
Day 8 Leominster to Docklow

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  1. By Bill and Sally on

    Leominster! Well done and glad to hear of your progress. We have had hailstones here – I was glad to be indoors! I hope all continues to go well. The countryside sounds really great.
    Bill and Sally


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