Day 8 Leominster to Docklow

Day 7 Orleton to Leominster
Day 9 Docklow to Bromyard









Refuge from the gathering storm


Amazing to think that a week has passed since we set out from Gravels Bank for Italy. Last night was a first for us in that we spent the night in a double room in a Youth Hostel, rather elderly for youths I should say.

Breakfast was a traditional english breakfast eaten at a Wetherspoon’s pub in Leominster. I felt rather odd being one of the few patrons not quaffing a swift pint, although I’m not sure that this is a habit to cultivate. After yesterday’s rather unpleasant experience on the Herefordshire Way we decided to use the little byways today rather than go off road. One of the delights of Englsnd is the frequency with which one passes churches, each little hamlet and village has a church even if there is no pub, school or village shop. For the traveller on foot the church is a real haven. There is usually a seat in the graveyard on which to sit and relax or, if it is raining, hailing or snowing, there is the porch in which to take shelter. From now on we will make sure that there will be a church on our daily stroll each day in which to take shelter.

We are enjoying a comfortable evening in our cottage after a good dinner and a glass or two.

Day 7 Orleton to Leominster
Day 9 Docklow to Bromyard


  • Your blog has changed format (just thought I’d mention it)

    • I’m fiddling about with the thing at the moment so it is fairly flexible

  • Mike & Janet,

    You can’t beat a good old English breakfast to set you up for the day. Your story is fascinating! Best regards, Dale

    • If you get a chance to have a slap up English breakfast at Wetherspoon’s, give it a miss.

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