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Day 9 Docklow to Bromyard

Day 8 Leominster to Docklow
Day 10 Bromyard to Knightwick
Rail Start

First view of the railway embankment

Today’s stroll has been quite short and, for the most part, quite easy. Having spoken to a local farmer in the pub we thought that it would be worth trying to walk along the disused railway line which runs from Leominster to Bromyard. All of the railway bed is owned by individuals and is not a public footpath so it was with some trepidation that we climbed up onto the old railway embankment.

At first the path appeared to be blocked by fallen trees but it soon became a good path with great views over the surrounding countryside. One of the first surprises was the appearance of some rails, these rails then led into a beautifully refurbished, but deserted station.

Fencote Station

The disused station at Fencote

Walking on, we arrived at a farmyard with an enormous slurry tank adjacent to the old line. As is the nature of slurry tanks there was a boggy section at its side through which we had to walk, gingerly. At the end of this section we nearly had a disaster as Janet lost her footing, I was able to hold her up but my foot got stuck in the mud so we were dancing around in a very inelegant manner for a moment or two.

It wasn’t possible to complete the whole journey along the old line as we encountered a strong barbed wire fence in someone’s garden and decided that discretion was the better part of valour and headed down to a lane. Imagine our suprise when we encountered Chloe as we emerged into a back lane in Bromyard.


We booked into the Falcon Hotel for tonight and, after a light supper, I am enjoying a quiet pint of Butty Bach as the local brass band serenades me on its practice night.

The Falcon

The Falcon Hotel, Bromyard


Day 8 Leominster to Docklow
Day 10 Bromyard to Knightwick


  • I’m loving reading your progress on the blog each day – just wanted to say xxx

    • Thanks Bec, nice to know that I’m not talking to myself. xxx

      • No Mike, you’re not talking to yourself. Following along quite happily! Good on you both for not postponing the start because of ‘a few flakes of snow’ but I have to admit, I’m glad it wasn’t me.
        Safe travels. Anthony

        • Anthony, how are you? Any news to divulge?

          • Hiya Mike. Losing weight fast ‘cos I’m walking as well now (across town to work . .Yawn!). Stay well fed with the amount of walking you two are doing!!! Am loving the photos of places you pass through. Beautiful countryside. Work getting busy at last! possible movement on project. Best of all, plans for new model boat arrived from Germany today. No electonics, no pdf’s, just 5 sheets of paper with ink drawings. Thing of beauty! Ah the simple things are the best.

  • Today’s walk looks fantastic, especially the station – I’m very envious. And the weather looks like a big improvement on Monday’s!

    • Today was fabulous, apart from the slurry section. Lovely sunshine and very few up and down sections.

  • So glad the weather isn’t as bad as predicted, enjoying hearing about your progress. xx

  • Exciting times! following the railway line must have been a buzz! The beer you were enjoying at the Falcon is also sold in my local. A nice drop.
    Good progress, look forward to the next update. Regards, The Pitts x

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