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Day 10 Bromyard to Knightwick

Day 9 Docklow to Bromyard
Day 11 Knightwick to Great Malvern

This morning we arose in a leisurely manner and, after a lazy soak in the large bath, had a slow breakfast as this section of the walk is comparatively short. Breakfast at the Falcon was very amusing as the landlady and landlord gave a very good imitation of Sybil and Basil Fawlty. I think that it was the suppressed irritation between them in front of guests that was the most amusing for me although, when the landlady advised Janet that if she had said that she wanted weak tea then there would be no need for extra hot water, I nearly choked over my bacon.

The first section of the walk was up onto the Bromyard Downs, very pretty.



Bromyard Downs

Part of the stroll incorporated the National Trust property of Brockhampton Estate. A very helpful chap in the tourist information point had given us a suggested route which would avoid the busy and rather risky A44. Our maps were of little use in the grounds as all of the routes were NT routes so weren’t visible. We blundered around for a bit and then, when defeated, asked advice from the gatekeeper who gave us a sketch map. During the walk we noticed an odd shaped stone thing, so if anyone knows what it is/was I would be grateful to be told.

odd object

Odd shaped object

Unlike the Herefordshire Way, the Worcestershire Way was clearly marked and the paths were clear of slurry and other stuff. This change of atmosphere made the day much more enjoyable although not particular in any defined way. We arrived at the Talbot Inn in Knightwick in plenty of time to get to our accommodation and so had a drink and a chat to those clustered around the bar, who were very interested in our stroll. At the appointed hour we left the pub to make our short way to the B&B, it was at this moment that the awful truth dawned, Google had misled us about the distance between the Talbot and our B&B. Google had also misled us about the direction to our accommodation so we had to ‘phone the landlady who, very kindly, came to collect us. We knew that we were at home when we heard a male voice in the distance shout “George, where are you?” The response “I’m in the hall!” Then “No you’re not because I’m in the bloody hall and you’re not here”

We ate supper at a pub called “The Admiral Rodney”. Admiral Rodney, according to the picture in the bar, had won a famous navel victory at Cape St Vincent.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting as we attempt to get back on track, although strictly speaking, we have no track. We don’t have a map for this bit of the UK either.


Day 9 Docklow to Bromyard
Day 11 Knightwick to Great Malvern


  • Good to meet you today in the Talbot, Knightwick and very very good luck with your most enviable trip. Just reading your earlier comment about WP–absolutely agree, what a beast–see http://www.martley.org.uk; also our footpath site http://www.thepathornones.co.uk

    • Hello John
      Thanks for the best wishes, I think that we will need them in Switzerland.
      I’ve had a look at your site, did you do this with WP?

    • the geology (www.geo-village.eu developing–watch the progress) site/blog and the martley site (also developing) use WordPress — de rigeur these days I am told, but as you found, tricky to set up. How does everyone else do it so easily, I ask? From what you said at least I now know it is not just me, so thanks for that. Been fantastic weather today so you must have a had a great trip to the big M, good luck for all the rest. Here’s another site, http://www.worcesterbb.com

  • Are you going to get yourselves dropped off where you were picked up from?

    • Hello Bec
      Yes, Marcus kindly took us back to Knightly so no cheating involved.

  • I look forward to reading your progress everyday. If I was an Archers’ fan, which I’m not, this would be much more interesting. Worcestershire Way sounds a good direction as it would take you to Malvern, which I recall was one of your planned destinations. If you are planning Malvern then look out for some of the famous water. There are a few places where it is piped from the hill and can be taken at will. Be good to have some beer notes as you progress into unknown territory. I think there was a local brewery close to your finish yesterday.

    • Mattie – I have stuck to the Wye Valley brews so far. We have arrived in Malvern justnow and checked into our hotel. HTe beer in the bar is Abbot but I am so thirsty that I will wait until tomorrow for something more local. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Let’s hope the B&B owners aren’t following this blog….

    • Stuart – I wouldn’t mind being Basil and Janet would be more than happy to be Sybil!

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