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Day 11 Knightwick to Great Malvern

Day 10 Bromyard to Knightwick
Day 12 Kit evaluation
The Talbot

The Talbot Knightly today

Thanks to the generosity of our hosts Marcus and Christine we were able to continue the stroll from where we left off, outside the Talbot at Knightwick.


We were told that the stone device in the forefront of the photo above was used as a fruit press. The idea being that a wooden pole went through the wheel shaped stone in order for a horse to walk around and around crushing the fruit.



Helpful notice when lost.


We got up on to the higher ground and found a very helpful notice board which enabled us to pinpoint our position exactly.



Other path users waiting for us to catch up


Today we seem to have had the path to ourselves, apart from a few locals.


The Worcestershire Way is a complete delight, I had forgotten how many orchards there are here. The trees looked magnificent covered in blossom but still without leaves. The path is really well marked and only an idiot could go off course and do a completely unnecessary loop adding an extra thirty minutes to the stroll.



Artisan fence repairs


I was very pleased to discover that the system of fence repair common in South Shropshire,  has made its way to Worcestershire. I learned this method at my grandfather’s knee and I share it freely with you here.


Day 10 Bromyard to Knightwick
Day 12 Kit evaluation


  • Adding an extra 30 minutes to the stroll would, I imagine, be made rather worse by the weight of the packs, so any theoretical idiot (or pair of idiots?) that did go off course would definitely have my sympathy.
    Other than that, the Worcestershire Way does sound lovely; I love it when all the trees are blossoming. Sadly the blossom here is all getting blown off by strong winds.

    • The going off course bit was entirely my fault. The SatMap has a feature which allows the users to have “Direction of travel” upwards on the screen. I am used to North Up and so we went right instead of left.

      • I love having my satnav rotate so the direction of travel is always up, if only my OS maps did that, as it is I have to rotate them manually

  • Well, if it’s any consolation that would almost certainly have caught me out too.

  • Well, I am rather belatedly reading your blog, and enjoying it thoroughly. I’d just like to say that any further fencing repair photos will be thoroughly enjoyed!

    • Binder twine repairs are a speciality of all Shropshire country dwellers. Gates, furniture, mattresses, all can be returned to pristine condition with a bit of binder twine.

  • Binder twine was a staple of my childhood life

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