April 5

Day 1 Setting off at last

Day 0 Strolling eve
Day 2 The Drewin to Newcastle

This morning was interesting as there was more to do than we thought. I should really have put the bacon on earlier but there you go.
It was really nice to get a real send off from Gravels Bank which included a full size Italian flag and wonderful friends.

IMG_0005 the goodbye

As we approached Stapeley Hill the snow became deeper than I had expected, although not much more than ankle deep for much of the hill.

IMG_0008 John Davies clearing snow on the way to Corndon

The difficulties started shortly after another couple, coming in the opposite direction, said “You might have a problem in the track from Mitchell’s Fold to Weston Bank!”. We blundered confidently onwards until both Jnet and I ended up to our waists in snow drifts. Seeing Janet rolling about and swimming through the snow was certainly diverting.

IMG_0013 Janet in deep snow

The deep snow took longer to get through than I thought it would and we started to panic as it looked as though the pub might be shut before we got to it. The Court House Pub at Churchstoke was very welcoming and open and after a glass or two we were able to continue to the Drewin B&B and a great welcome.

IMG_0025 the Drewin and a good night's sleep

Day 0 Strolling eve
Day 2 The Drewin to Newcastle

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  1. By Becky Bigglestone on

    Hurray for a safe start. I did think about coming to see you off, but I’d have had to get up far to early for my liking 🙂
    Today’s adventurous start will only be the first of many adventures along the way I’m sure, but good adventures.  By the way, how were the gators?

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      The gaiters were hopeless. They did not covr anything usefull and dug into my ankles. Ah well!

  2. By Dale Pitt on

    Mike & Janet,

    What an unbelievable start to your epic adventure. The previous week was hot and sunny and now your are both in deep snow! As they used to say to us in the Army “the 4 tonner is just around the corner”! A brave start, well done. Regards, Dale

  3. By Sarah Kirsten on

    But where are the photos of Mum rolling about? That’d be much funnier than just the one of her smiling bravely!
    Although mostly I’m just still amazed that there was so much snow, since all I got was a couple of showers of rain.


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