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Day 1 Setting off at last
Day 3 Newcastle on Clun to Knighton

Offa’s Dyke
IMG_0001 this looks like the start of the trail

Not another hill!

The breakfast at the Drewin was a marvel and I ate too much of it as result, which was a mistake as the first up was straighaway and apparently vertical.

I wish that I had paid more attention to the map before departure. We didn’t get lost but it would have meant that I would have been prepared for the steep ups and steep downs. This section of the Offa’s Dyke path is really spectacular but is a challenge for the heavily encumbered sedentary stroller.




It was quite a relief to be picked up by Bobby Britnell from outside the pub in Newcastle as the pub was shut and the village shop was also shut, unknown to me it (the shop) had been shut for years.

Day 1 Setting off at last
Day 3 Newcastle on Clun to Knighton

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  1. Good to see you yesterday – after your first few days and before you head into (closer to) ‘unknown’ territory. Good to see that the sun shone better for the setting out from Abcott.

    Go well…

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