April 11

Day 3 Newcastle on Clun to Knighton

Day 2 The Drewin to Newcastle
Day 4 Knighton to Abcott

Having eaten Martin and Bobby out of house and home we set out to do the same to more friends, Mattie and Sheila, at Knighton. Just before setting out I noticed, with some considerable dismay, that my waterproof jacket was missing. This waterproof jacket was the best that Charlie’s Stores could sell and cost me some £15, I must have lost it when rolling about in the snow at Corndon. Luckily Martin had a spare coat which I have borrowed. I have been warned that this coat must travel with me to Italy.

Offa’s Dyke, or at least the Shropshire section of Offa’s Dyke, is not for the faint-hearted but this section was not quite as heart breaking as the Churchtown section. Snow was not really a problem today and the views were truly spectacular. It really was a great treat to sit munching our nosh in the lea of Offa’s Dyke and just listening to the skylarks.






As we approached Knighton we heard a mighty bellow from afar “Hello Mr Higgins”.

Lots of tea and bara brith were the next obstacles eagerly overcome before a fabulous supper and a certain quantity of beer and whisky.

Day 2 The Drewin to Newcastle
Day 4 Knighton to Abcott

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