April 11

Day 4 Knighton to Abcott

Day 3 Newcastle on Clun to Knighton
Day 5 A day of rest in Abcott

Mattie and Sheila, being keen walkers and local to Knighton, suggested an interesting route which would take us to Abcott and to Mick and Marion. More delightful scenery on this walk and a lot less demanding on sinews and resolve.

Another delicious supper and a rather tasty nightcap.

01/11/2012 Addition
A quick glance has revealed that I hadn’t really got into the swing of blogging at this point in our travels. I have added a few photos to try and fill in the gaps.

We were delighted to get a visit from Sarah, who turned up at Mattie and Sheila’s house in order to have breakfast and to stroll some of the way with us.

Leaving Knighton via the A488



Sarah stayed with us until Stowe and, as is usual with us, we managed to lose the footpath and found ourselves walking through a farmyard, with the path clearly visible about 200 yards away.

Back on track again we soon found ourselves at Hopton Castle.

Day 3 Newcastle on Clun to Knighton
Day 5 A day of rest in Abcott

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